Here are several of the services offered by Southern Ontario Animal Rehabilitation (SOAR). Please note that appointments are on a referral basis only.  We will work closely with your own veterinarian to give your pet the best treatment plan possible.

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Initial assessement – Rehabilitation
Single Rehab session (30- 45 min)

(without acupuncture)
5 pack of Rehab (no acupuncture)
10 pack of Rehab (no acupuncture)

Single Rehab session with acupuncture


5 pack of Rehab with acupuncture


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Single Underwater treadmill/conditioning

Underwater treadmill conditioning pack 10


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Single laser session


Laser package of 5 sessions

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Massage (20 min)







Why do rehabilitation?

Despite mounting research as to the benefits of physiotherapy in humans, as well as animals, there are many veterinarians who do not recommend rehabilitation. Here are some specialists from the University of Tennessee speaking about why we do what we do.

Duke's Physiotherapy

Duke was one of Dr. Anderson`s first physiotherapy patients. He had an instability in his hock causing chronic lameness. He had surgery to correct this but due to his overactive nature, still remained lame 2 months after surgery. After 6 weeks of rehabilitation, we had Duke walking without lameness, and running with his owner in the field once again.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Big or small, they all seem to enjoy their time with us!!! Big Brenna is a pleasure to work with.....We love you Brenna

Paralyzed Rottweiller walks again!

After a sudden episode of paralysis, where many would consider euthanasia and give up, this lucky dog had a devoted owner that pursued laser, acupuncture, and now the water treadmill. He continues to get better everyday.

MEet zack

Zack was hit by a car January 20 and was lucky enough to be rescued. Despite a subluxated spine and complete paralysis of all four legs, he has continued to improve steadily. Here he is walking on land. However without the sling his hind end falls all over. Not bad though considering three weeks ago he couldn't stand! Check out our facebook page to see Zack in the water treadmill.

Consultation and Assessment

An intial examination and assessment will be performed, as well as a review of your history and radiographs from your veterinarian, to determine the best course of action for your pet. At that time we will develop a home treatment plan for you and determine the frequency of visits.

Low Level Laser Therapy

Laser therapy has been quite beneficial in post-surgical patients, as well as an adjunctive therapy for pain associated with arthritis, tendon injuries, and multiple other conditions


Electrical stimulation has many benefits. Pain control post surgery and injury respond very well to this modality, and I have found it very useful in reducing swelling/edema. EMS is used to help build muscle mass and prevent muscle loss in animals that are unable to walk.

Therapeutic Ultrasound 

Therapeutic ultrasound is a useful tool to reduce inflammation and pain.


This is a measurement of your pets range of motion. Another tool to determine the best exercises.

Dry Treadmill

Not only can the treadmill help with regards to exercise and weight loss especially in extreme weather conditions, but it can also give us a better picture of gait and show subtle abnormalities that we might not otherwise see.


We are so excited to be able to provide our water treadmill to our patients now. Big or small, they are all enjoying it. The results speak for themselves. The water treadmill is included in our rehab packages, but there are packages for the water treadmill only if that is all you need!!!!


Dr. Anderson is seeing patients for acupuncture treatment. We are seeing tremendous improvement with many of our arthritis patients, and back injuries. If this is something you are interested in trying, please give us a call.


Home Visits are available for select cases. We will do our best to accomodate special situations.

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